Clearview 650

This is the second largest stove in the Clearview range. It has exactly the same classic proportions and all of the features of the Clearview 750 but the 650 is slightly smaller and has a lower heat output. With the same classic look of a Clearview, and with 2 large double glazed doors, and an indepandent up draft and down draft air wash distribution system for maximum response and control, you will not be disappointment with the quality and feature your 650 flat top had to offer.
Features of the Clearview 650 Flat Top Multi Fuel Stove

Two large Clearview double-glazed door that gives an impressive view of the flames.
Clearview hot air-wash system for really clean burning without fuss or pampering.
Independent up draft and down draft air distribution system for maximum response and control.
Refactory lining, and tertiary air supply promoting super clean burning combustion.
Multi-fuel grate, for easy lighting and rapid response.
Heavy steel construction – welded inside and out for durability and long life.
Solid brass knobs and door handles.
All ‘wear and tear’ stove parts are easily replaceable making maintenance comparatively effortless.
Stainless steel ash pan for long life and easy removal.
Adjustable levelling bolts, for easy adjustments on uneven hearths.
Adjustable hinges and door catch to maintain air tightness throughout the life of the door seals.
Large hotplate surface for coffee pot or kettle on the Flat Top and low Canopy version.

Dimensions –
Height – 703mm
Width – 690mm
Depth – 440mm
Prices from- £1710