Stovax Riva 40

Riva Cassettes incorporate the very latest cleanburn technology with a unique ‘Opti-Burn’ setting. This means that they burn logs or smokeless fuels with outstanding efficiency, resulting in more heat delivery into the room and less going up the chimney.

All Riva Cassettes direct three types of air into the glass-fronted firebox, where they combine to provide superb flame control and exceptional views of the fire, which are further enhanced by Stovax’s Airwash system that helps keep the glass clean. In addition to the radiant heat, a fourth airflow, between the inner and outer skins of the Riva, provides convected heat.

The smallest model in the Riva Cassette range, the Riva 40, has been specifically designed to fit into a standard 22″ (560mm) high x 16″ (405mm) wide British fireplace opening with the chairbrick removed. So you can now update the look of your living room with minimal construction work and possibly without even the need to remove the existing hearth and mantel. Alternatively, the Riva 40 can be installed as a “hole in the wall” fire.

Both the fire and frames are finished in a choice of Stovax’s Storm or Jet Black Metallic paints. There are also three additional frame colour options available to expand your interior design possibilities.

Dimensions –
Width 400mm Height 550mm Depth 350mm
Prices from- £1375