Rais Viva 120 Classic

Circular stove, as simple and stylish as possible. Completely smooth surface and a large glass door. Viva is available with a swivel base, making it possible to turn the flame image in the direction you want. Can be placed in numerous ways. Also available with side glass. Elegant, new design, handle in stainless steel. It also has a shaking grate and a smart ash tray. Viva is available with an Air-system, making sure the combustion air is taken from the outside. It is possible to establish top or rear outlet for the flue duct. Fine environmental data. Can be supplied with 30 kg of natural stones that retain the heat for an extra long time.
Stove outer measurements 1198 mm
Diameter Ø 452 mm
Firebox, interior measurements 295 – 225 – 393 mm
Prices from- £2500