We will undertake a site visit to your home or workplace, and offer a comprehensive planning service to include what, if any building work or alterations are required to facilitate your stove installation, ensuring that it fully complies with Document J of the current building regulations.

Many people believe they have to choose a traditional fireplace in order to have a wood burning stove, however this is not the case. There are various options which include twinwall installation. Which means you can have a system installed by us which will allow for free standing appliances in areas where no traditional fireplace exists.

There is a variety of traditional , inset & freestanding to name but a few Stove types. So whether you live in a ultra modern new build, a traditional home or anywhere inbetween there is a stove to suit all.

Not sure what you want?

Not to worry at Platinum Stoves we don’t turn up with nothing but silly sales patter. As well as a qualified professional on hand to answer any questions you may have. You will have access to an Ipad with all the latest Stoves , Flue Systems , Surrounds and Beams for you to browse on.

For anyone who prefers a less technological approach, we also carry a multitude of brochures for you to look threw.

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The integrity of many old chimney flues can be brought into question, particularly so when they have serviced an open fire or poorly fitted solid fuel appliance, sometimes for many years.

When a build up of tars and resins accumulate on the inner surfaces of traditional brick flues, the acidic and corrosive properties of such can cause the degradation of the mortar between the bricks, creating voids, enabling the escape into wall cavities and room vents of potentially deadly carbon monoxide gas amongst others.

  • Lining the flue with quality stainless steel 316 or 904 grade flexible liner ensures what gasses are emitted from your appliance during the firing process, end up exiting where intended, via the safe means of a continuous length of flue.
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If you have a functioning stove already in place but something isn’t quite right, We can undertake the repairs for you.
  • – Damaged / corroding chimney stack structure
  • – Replacement of chimney pots and cowls
  • – Weatherproofing of any unused and redundant flues

    – Stove not firing up consistently/correctly

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    Do you already have a stove and need it installing?

    • Platinum Stoves is happy to help. Most stove companies wont entertain installing customer own stoves.
    • However subject to a Home Survey , Here at Platinum Stoves we are willing and able .
    • Just give us a call or drop us a message via the Contact Us Page for further info!
  • Worried that your chimney might be blocked?
  • Want to install a new wood burning stove or open fireplace and need your chimney smoke testing?
  • You should have your chimney/ flue swept at least once a year to remove the build up of soot, creosote and tar to reduce the risk of chimney fire, and in some cases to validate your buildings insurance. Platinum Stoves will check and remove any blockages caused by birds nesting or building debris, even cobwebs in a pre cast flue thus eliminating smoke and harmful gases re-entering the room. These gases could be fatal in the form of carbon monoxide poisoning, the silent and odourless killer. 
  • For professional chimney sweeps and a range of chimney care services, contact Platinum Stoves.
  • We work with homes and businesses throughout Yorkshire. We can provide regular chimney sweeping and servicing – with discounts available for multiple chimneys, and for senior citizens.
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  • Stove Installations can take anywhere from 1 day to several days dependent on what is being changed and or built from scratch.
  • Time scales are always discussed during your Site Visit & Quotation.
  • Stove Installation can include any of the following
  • – Structural widening of the existing opening
  • – Addition of Brick / stone work
  • – Fire boarding
  • – Plastering
  • – Bespoke Beam fitting
  • – Tailor made all Stone Surrounds
  • – New Hearth fitting – limestone , granite etc.
  • – Chimney Work eg. Installation of New chimney pots , cowls etc.
  • Platinum Stoves can provide you with a complete service from beginning design ideas to the finished & complete Stove ready to make your home warm and stylish during those chilly winter months (That always last longer than we would like!)
  • Get in touch for your Free site visit and quotation by calling us or using the Contact Us page to send us a message.